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The 2016 Security 100

CRN Staff

In the era of high-profile data breaches and ever-public debates around privacy, the security industry is booming. In turn, the opportunities for the channel to increase protection for their customers is more lucrative than ever. But in such a saturated market, navigating the vendor waters to find the perfect mix of technology and incentives to partner with can be a daunting task for solution providers.

CRN's inaugural Security 100 list is here to wade through the market, from the long-standing legacy vendors to the niche players, to take the headache out of finding that perfect puzzle piece for your portfolio. The security space is tricky and while one company might be top of the pyramid in one facet, it may be nowhere to be found in another. Therefore, the Security 100 is taking a look these vendors across five categories:

  • Endpoint Security - The vendors that are arming partners with solutions that stretch from traditional anti-virus to next-generation endpoint technologies.
  • SIEM and Threat Detection Vendors - The vendors bringing a piece of the booming incident management and threat detection market to partners.
  • Network Security Vendors - The vendors offering the coolest next-generation firewalls, IoT security, network visibility and cloud security technologies.
  • Identity Management and Data Protection - The vendors moving beyond the perimeter to lock down identities and secure data.
  • Web and Application Security - The vendors moving protections and detection capabilities closer to where the data and traffic sits.

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