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Lenovo’s TruScale Resonating With Partners, Sales Leader Says

O’Ryan Johnson

“You think about TruScale and what that can bring to them, enabling another area that that they can take to customers and be part of that. It’s exciting. It really is. And I think it’s resonating with them as well,” said Lenovo’s North American Solution and Sales Leader for the infrastructure group Eric Gieszl.

Lenovo is ramping up its TruScale and infrastructure ambitions, adding Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Eric Gieszl as its North American solution and sales leader for the infrastructure group, which set revenue records last year and has every intention to repeat.

Fresh from running sales for HPE’s GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, Gieszl is four weeks into his new job for Lenovo and said he can’t wait to show partners the opportunity with TruScale.

“They’re lining up. That’s the exciting thing,” Gieszl told CRN in his first interview since taking the new job. “You think about TruScale and what that can bring to them, enabling another area that that they can take to customers and be part of that, it’s exciting. It really is and I think it’s resonating with them as well.”

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Gieszl spent his career with IT power brokers such as IBM, where he led a business unit in the Middle East and Africa. He was also at Oracle as a vice president of sales and innovation for the tech giant. He said he is thrilled to join the team at Lenovo.

“It’s exciting to be here, exciting to be part of the team,” he said. “You look at how at Lenovo, 40-percent of the revenue is from non-PC parts and that business is growing. You look at what the team has done in services and solutions in North America, right? Demand remains high for us. You look at the data center business, and we’re growing that 37 percent year over year.”

TruScale is Lenovo’s infrastructure-as-a-service offering. Last year, the company ramped up the TruScale solutions available for partners, and debuted TruScale for SAP with Private Edition Customer Data Center.

The market leader in personal computer sales reached annual revenue of $62 billion last year, but grew its infrastructure business at a record clip, the company said in May, with those solutions accounting for $9.8 billion.

“ISG continues to enhance its full stack capabilities that cover both the Cloud Service Provider and Enterprise and SMB segments,” Lenovo told investors in an annual financial update. “At the same time, ISG is investing in infrastructure innovations empowered by artificial intelligence, such as AI-powered edge computing and hybrid cloud.”

Lenovo – which trades on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – said its AI infrastructure revenue came in at more than $2 billion and the company has added an additional $1 billion to invest over the next three years to accelerate AI deployment in businesses.

Here’s more of what Gieszl had to say about his new role with the company, and what partners can look forward to from TruScale and Lenovo.

O’Ryan Johnson

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